The Daily Grocer is back open on Warren

The Daily Grocer, the meal kit service created by Tribecan Lee Weiss, has reopened on the corner of Warren and West Broadway. Many of the meal offerings are the same — and just as good — but he is also offering some dry goods and plans on adding more of that in the new year.

I am a huge fan of their meals and the concept — if you are like me and you don’t love to cook nor do you like to order out and you think the usual meal kit delivery programs are silly with waste, this is the spot for you.

Weiss is a veteran of the restaurant industry: he’s been working in commercial dining for forever, most recently taking over the food program at the Metropolitan Museum with chef Bill Telepan but before that at Eleven Madison Park, The Musket Room and as GM for the Downtown Eataly.

The idea for meal kits is not original — Blue Apron, FreshDirect, HelloFresh are all out there — but there’s three things going on here that I love way more: chef-designed with incredible sauces; fresh that day and not shipped from who-knows-where; and almost zero waste. Anything that doesn’t need to be packaged isn’t; all the wrappers are compostable; the sauce containers are reusable. Plus this is a simple retail operation: no subscription necessary. (They also deliver.)

The recipes are simple but prepped in a way that folks will not necessarily do at home. For instance, the miso salmon has to sit for a while in its dressing, and the chicken is brined for six to eight hours — “that’s a good chefy thing that no home cook will do on a busy weeknight,” Lee said.


The prices are around $30 for a meal for two.

On the shelves they’ve got good olive oils, salts, special sauces (like a chili crisp developed by a chef from 11 Madison Park) and a $12 roasted banana ice cream from the former pastry chef at Contra (he now has an ice cream and wine bar in the East Village called Caleta) that seems nuts, but Lee said he couldn’t resist. “I wanted to sell something cheaper but I also wanted to sell something awesome. And this is special.”

To come: lunch.

The Daily Grocer
80 West Broadway | Chambers and Warren
Monday to Friday
noon to 8p



  1. I’ve tried out their meal kits and am a fan. Very tasty meals, and quite generously proportioned for 2 people. Lee and staff are very friendly and welcoming. I cook a lot and enjoy it, but it’s also nice to take a break and have someone else do the heavy lifting from time to time. Branzino was excellent, as were chicken skewers. Working my way through all the options. Lee hopes to have up to 14 options eventually.

  2. We are so glad they are back! I think I tried all the kits when they first opened and look forward to cooking and eating their meals again! So easy, all fresh ingredients, no waste, reasonably priced!

  3. Love this concept – such a great addition to Tribeca. So glad TDG is back and looking forward to trying out more dishes in the new year!!

  4. I went the first day they reopened. The quality of the ingredients is excellent and the meals are easy to prepare and delicious. I am looking forward to the new additions they will be offering. Welcome back!