Whole Foods ransacked

This is old, but worth mentioning even now IMO: J. sent a note on Tuesday, Dec. 26, that Whole Foods had been ransacked at about 8:30p that night, and the culprit smashed glass cases and pulled merchandise off the shelves throughout the store. Police were on the scene, however there are no complaint reports on file with the NYPD, according to the department’s press office. Whole Foods’ press office would only say that “police were called that day on an aggressive customer.”

From J.: “There was considerable more damage than shown in the one picture. There were broken bottles strewn near the registers and farther back pizzas and other food thrown onto the floor from various areas — probably overall about five times the area shown in the picture above had damage.

“There were multiple police officers in the store and I had to exit from the Warren Street exit, where a guard was opening the door to let people leave since the front entrance was closed and guarded. On Greenwich and Warren near the entrance there were a couple of police SUVs and an ambulance with some EMTs attending to a man in a gurney with an oxygen bag attached to his face.

“A few of the staff members seemed to indicate it was just a single person responsible, since they said, ‘They have the guy.'”


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  1. TC exclusive—That guy was channeling me. I have been meaning to do damage to WFM. Messrs Mackey, Hardy et alia messed up selling to Bezos. Store in disarray. Favorite items abruptly taken off the shelves for ever (where’s my Pink Carrot elote bowl?!!). I am coming for you, 270G thugs!