Mércer Labs museum is open in former Century building

The signage is up and tickets are available now for the first show at Mércer Labs, the “Museum of Art and Technology” at 21 Dey, the former western side of Century 21. The immersive attraction is run by Legends Hospitality and designed by Israeli artist Roy Nachum, who works with performers such as Kanye West and Ariana Grande at the intersection of art and technology.

The business only recently created a website and an Instagram, but there is very little information on either. The post below is an illustration, clearly. (Also, I am going with the accent aigu over the e, though not sure if that is what they intend.) I signed up for the newsletter and only that way did I learn that there are tickets available now, Thursday through Monday in the afternoons only, for the inaugural exhibition titled “Limitless.” Adults are $52.

The ticket page said that the show will “unveil a tapestry of childhood memories, nature’s beauty, and digital innovation. Step inside [Nachum’s] dream where each piece is a living, breathing entity, redefining your perception of art.”

Nachum lives here in the city, attended Cooper Union and was nominated for a Grammy for best recording packaging for the art and art direction of Rihanna’s acclaimed album Anti. A commenter noted that he also had a show recently at Cristina Grajales gallery on Greenwich.

(After closing in September 2020, Century reopened in half of its old location this past May, leaving the former bank building on Church up for grabs.)

The space is 12,000 square feet and the capacity is 1000 people. In September, the CB1 Licensing Committee sent the applicant away because they did not have a traffic plan for their events, especially the 50 buyouts they have planned each year. Their temporary permit for beer, cider and wine was approved by the board in October. The hours approved them were 10a to 10p.

This adds to the other permanent immersive attraction — Hall des Lumières on Chambers east of Broadway, which opened last fall.


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  1. For a $52 admission it had better be a mighty awesome “tapestry of childhood memories” they “unveil”.

    The deluge of cheesy pop-up “museum” moneymakers in NYC is approaching the illegal cannabis store level. But I can’t criticize legitimately until I know more, so thanks for the news. It may turn out to be wonderful.

  2. This thing looks gimmicky and not all that interesting, but whatever, that doesn’t bother me. To each their own, and all that.

    What does bother me, though, is did they paint over the limestone façade? Why not just respect the building and give it a wash? Isn’t the building a landmark? Despicable behavior, and extraordinarily unneighborly if that’s the case.

  3. Utterly disappointing experience and transparently a cash grab for $52. This isn’t Art, will be out of business soon.