Stretching studio coming to Petco space

A franchise of StretchLab, a fitness studio that offers assisted stretch sessions, is coming soon — the owner told me within the first quarter of the year — to Chambers between Greenwich and West Broadway. Petco left that space in April 2020.

The company was founded in 2015 in Venice, California, and started offering franchises in 2017; now there are more than 400 in the Northeast. The Tribeca location — the first in the city — is owned by David Heyman, a long-time member, their Instagram account notes.

Fidi resident Aimee Cho opened Outer Reach on Greenwich just before the pandemic, renovating a beautiful space next to Viet Cafe; her business was caught in the crosshairs of the pandemic. There was also Lymbr, which opened in 2018 on Jay (they still have a location on the UES) and is now Lucifer Lighting.

More when they open, but the idea is a membership that gives you one-on-one stretching sessions to increase flexibility and recover from injury. The business has a proprietary training program that requires 60 hours of theory and hands-on training to learn the muscular system, assisted stretches and how to work with a variety of clients of all ages and body types.

A franchise requires a minimum of $100,000, plus a net worth of $500,000 for a total investment of $162,575 – $333,875. From their site: “With a simple studio buildout and low-cost entry, StretchLab offers a fast go-to-market advantage and is complementary to both wellness and boutique fitness.”

157 Chambers Street