L’Appart will become a private event space

L’Appart, the Michelin-starred French fine dining tucked inside Le District in Brookfield Place, has announced that it is closing as a restaurant and reopening as an “exclusive private event venue,” in a “evolution in this cherished space,” the website said. Thanks to A. for catching the news. It looks like the plan is effective immediately.

Their goal, they said, is to offer the “unique charm and intimate setting of a chef’s apartment.” And since the name was always an abbreviation for the French word for apartment, this is all making sense. (These photos are from 2017, NB.)

The announcement went on to say that they wanted to be able to craft more personalized meals and events and while the transition is bittersweet, the team is excited for the new set-up. “We are deeply grateful for your continued support and love for L’Appart. This is not an end, but a beautiful new beginning, and we can’t wait to share it with you.”

L’Appart opened in 2016 with chef Nicolas Abello, who worked with Daniel Boulud, and earned a Michelin star five years running, from 2017 to 2021, for its prix fixe tasting menu. I believe the chef left in 2022 to be the executive chef for Table 301 restaurant group and caterers in Greenville, South Carolina. The Post & Courier says he had plans to open a restaurant with his team there.

I am not sure who the chef is now, and the restaurant website has no way to reach them by phone or email. There’s an event request page for Le District here.