Nosy Neighbor: Is a Starbucks coming to Independence Plaza?

L. wrote: “I spotted this on a wood container outside one of the IPN empty storefronts just south of the garage entrance on Greenwich and N. Moore (underneath the new scaffolding). There have been workmen in the space for the past few weeks. Just wondering if this means a Starbucks is coming to the ‘hood.”

And yes, indeed it does, the spokesman for Stellar Management confirmed. And the spokesman for Vornado Realty Trust said that it will be a 2,000-square-foot Starbucks with a 10 year lease. But in the meantime, that was some great sleuthing from L.!

To clarify, I think this would be 370 Greenwich, just north of Duane Reade and the staircase to the plaza at the end of Franklin. The map below shows the current Starbucks locations.

I can track a Belita Nails salon there in 2012; otherwise I believe those storefronts have been empty since 2014.