What in Tribeca?

I have to admit, I cannot answer my own question! Hoping one of you all can… What is it? (We went with zombie rocker for the Google search…Nada.)

UPDATE: Thanks to Steven and Mary Amsterdam whose expert internet sleuthing figured out that is not, in fact a zombie, but it is a giant statue of the rapper, singer and songwriter Kid Cudi, aka Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi. The Laughing Squid blog figured out that it is a promotion for his new album, Insano, which dropped last Friday.


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  1. I hope someone knows the answer to this mystery. We saw it in on a barge earlier in the day from this video, and are very curious what it is and where it was going.

  2. I saw a post on Reddit saying it was for a Kid Cudi video or so g release.

  3. Can we officially classify this as the first Tribeca UAP sighting of 2024 (unidentified aquatic phenomenon)?

  4. it appears the Kid Cudi story is correct. I found a few things in a google search. here is a link to one piece