New Pilates studio coming to West and Laight

WundaBar Pilates, a national chain founded in 2012 in California, will open a new studio in February at 256 West on the corner with Laight. They have two other locations now in the city — UES and Brooklyn Heights — and a bunch in LA; Tribeca is the 12th.

They sent a note to say they are waiting on the machines, which are made in LA. “It’s such a great spot. We are almost done with our renovations — the space needed almost nothing as the views are AMAZING and our aesthetic is clean and minimal,” the manager said.

The founder, Amy Jordan, worked in marketing at Marvel when she started taking Pilates herself and decided to quit her job and switch careers. (Her first studio was in her hometown of Montrose, CA.) She patented a more compact machine she calls the WundaFormer — “a Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair, Jump Board and Ballet Bar all-in-one.” Jordan also has an online fitness platform, Wunda On Demand, and recently released a new invention called the WundaCore Resistance Ring.

More soon when they are open.