JR Sushi has moved to Chambers Street

JR Sushi, which has been on West Broadway between Chambers and Warren since summer 2010, has moved to 119 Chambers between West Broadway and Church — the old Brooklyn Game Lab space. (I always thought it was “Junior” sushi but it may be just J-R.) (The new menus also say this is JR Sushi to the power of 3.)

When I popped in they were open, but busy closing up a staircase to the basement — hence the plastic drop cloth in the photo; eventually the space will go right through to the front from the sushi counter in the back. It’s a beautiful space — high ceilings and exposed brick — and a big upgrade from the old one.

The lunch special is still the same: $14 for two rolls, miso soup or salad. $17 for three rolls, soup or salad.

You can order online from their website.

JR Sushi
119 Chambers
Seven days, 11a to 11p