In the News: *Another* stalker for Taylor

We could say this is the price of fame, but really, it is getting ridiculous. The Times — and everyone else from here to India — reported that 33-year-old David Crowe of Seattle was arrested twice in three days after skulking about on Franklin, in front of Taylor Swift’s house. The Post reported that neighbors have seen the guy around for weeks and that he had been “sleeping on the stoop, chain-smoking constantly, shouting, and generally making everyone uncomfortable.” From The Post: “When he arrived before Christmas, my husband asked what he was doing here and he said, ‘I want to see Taylor,’” the neighbor claims. “He even had flowers at one point.”

Thought this was curious: Crain’s reports that the city is offering a tax break program, Manhattan Commercial Revitalization or M-CORE, to incentivize landlords to convert older class B or C office buildings into class A spaces. The Financial District’s 175 Water, the former AIG headquarters, which is 95 percent vacant, is poised to be approved for the program. From Crain’s: City officials hope the creation of more Class A space will spark demand when office leasing is muted, although the history of such incentive programs suggests the outcome could be the opposite.”

Forbes has a feature on Greenwich St. Jewelers, the 48-year-old business out of the Financial District which opened on Reade in summer 2022. From Forbes: “I have known the family for over 20 years and have watched the sisters survive, move and rebuild after the damages of the bombings of 9/11 and the ravages of hurricane Sandy. I’ve admired their strength and spirit while following their evolution, which revealed their impressive business and branding savvy, exquisite taste in jewelry and ongoing passion that led them to open the most beautifully appointed, welcoming jewelry shop that completely aligns with their philosophy and vision of preserving tradition and paying homage to downtown NYC.”

New York magazine has a Q&A with Tracy Anderson, who opened her Tribeca gym in 2016, on how she “gets it done.”



  1. Obvs Taylor can live anywhere she wants- but living where she does (despite the investment she’s made purchasing the building next door, punching through the wall to be able to walk across on the 2nd floor to go up to the penthouse)’s just a real danger for the residents of the building. When TS is at home- she has her full group of 24/7 security guards guarding HER. When she’s not in residence there is no one securing the building. This is a loft conversion with no doorman. I know a couple who lived in this building and had to sell because of issues with Taylor’s stalkers gaining access to the building.
    She’s the most famous woman in the world ATM and she should be living somewhere that provides her (and the other residents) plenty of security.

    • I think she can decide where she wants to live. Chill out and let nyc be nyc

    • For someone who knows: (I can’t get to the Craine’s article)
      Would Class A space still be commercial/office, but just modernized? Or is class A Space a different category, like residential?

    • I run there and she’s usually got someone in a car on the street. He sits in darkness and watches the building. Perhaps he’s just a driver, but I’d reckon that building has a better safety setup than most in the area. In this neighborhood we’ve always had many celebrities going about who are likely easier targets. To borrow a reminder from another commenter, this is NYC.

    • Ok your comment is creepy. And you should not know or care
      about Swift’s living arrangements. I have one name for any
      who care to judge and it breaks my heart to this
      day: John Lennon.

      • The reason I made the comment is because (as I said) I have friends that had to leave the building because of the situation. The NY Post stated that in the last two weeks the one stalker has returned to the building 30 times,
        —Refusing to leave the front door and trying to gain entry when residents came and went and shouting at them.
        As one person stated above – they think there’s a car outside with a security guard that monitors the building- all of the security is there when TS is in residence- when she’s not there it’s up to the building residents to deal with the crazies.

        • Sounds like a Board and/or Police issue. Everyone living there is an adult – get the board to act to install something or have a Doorman. Otherwise maybe it’s not really your problem?