Sidewalk is open on Broadway and Worth

Well, it only took four years but neighbors finally have access to the sidewalk on the east side of Broadway between Worth and Duane. Not yet revealed: the sidewalk going east from Broadway on the south side of Worth. The plaza itself also has yet to open.

The garage underneath 26 Federal Plaza needed to be renovated (by the federal General Services Administration), and the plaza and sidewalk were completely rebuilt as a result — though I think it was not at all reimagined. In fact I know it wasn’t: the GSA spokeswoman said “the restoration will only be a replacement of what was originally in the location.”


They did, however, restore the Beverly Pepper sculptures, “Manhattan Sentinels,” this past August. They are looking sharp.



  1. They also relocated the throngs of daily people that used to wait for entry to ICE from the courthouse side to the Broadway side of Federal Plaza. Not sure what the rationale there was, considering it inconvenienced absolutely NOBODY having them line up on the courthouse side. The new directive has added to the general chaos, people are treated like cattle (long lines on the new Broadway sidewalk with one tiny point of entry for the priviledge of waiting outdoors in the cold and rain) and the barriers in place as pictured are an absolute eyesore. The photographer should snap some pics around 9am daily for our collective interest and reporting. Would love to see that rolled back.

    • I retired in 2019, so I haven’t been I the building since then, but years ago the Broadway entrance was initially renovated to accommodate the tremendous influx of visitors. It has more metal detectors than the entrance facing Lafayette. Perhaps that is why everyone is back on Broadway.

  2. Actually, I put in a 311 complaint when it used to be on the Lafayette side of the Federal Plaza, it was super clutter and pedestrians couldn’t get through in the mornings. I know because I walked my kids to school and passed by that side daily. Not to mention folks that start lining up in the evening and camping out overnight. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Does anyone know if there is an intentional pattern to the vertical black lines on the west side of the building?