Fighting a legal cannabis shop for Greenwich and Watts

Neighbors are petitioning Community Board 1 in advance of its Feb. 15 Executive Committee meeting to fight an application for a legal cannabis dispensary at 475 Greenwich, between Canal and Watts. See the petition here.

Once again there’s a wacky name involved — this time it’s the grammatically challenged “I Bud You NY” — for what they say is a dispensary and a consumption lounge, though I am pretty confident the state is not issuing the on-site consumption licenses yet.

The applicant is asking for the hours of 11a to 8p on weekdays, 10a to 2a Friday and Saturday, and 11a to 5p on Sunday, However, the community boards are permitted to limit hours to 70 a week.

The petition notes that 475 Greenwich is “across the street from an art school [I believe this is the Hunter MFA space], two short blocks from Hudson River Park, one block from a children’s daycare center, and in close proximity to several preschools, children’s activity centers, and a church.”

The state’s rules are explicit about what constitutes a school and also the distances that the applicants must maintain from those uses; see the rules plus the community board’s guidelines here.



  1. All you rich liberals voted for this. Don’t complain now. You had plenty of chances to vote for different leadership in the city and state for years and this is what you get. Time to share in the pain. Are you going to sign a petition and now attempt to deny a minority or ex-con business owner the chance to build wealth? That’s a bad look for your next cocktail party.

    Next up: put a migrant shelter right in Tribeca.