The Warren Street Hotel opens today

More to come when I can get a tour of the interiors, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the Warren Street Hotel, which opens today, from the outside. (I am not a huge fan of the teal facade, but it looks very pretty at night.)

The Firmdale hotel will have rooms starting at $925 for a regular room and going up to — from what I can tell by booking on a Tuesday in February — $4500 for the one-bedroom terrace suite, a room on the eighth floor with a 450-square-foot terrace facing south. Floors 2 through 8 are hotel rooms; 9, 10 and 11 are for a minimum of 30-day stays.

The style is 100 percent Kit Kemp, the designing half of the husband-wife-daughters company that is Firmdale, so each room is different and the palettes and patterns are wild. (She has spent four years collecting art for the hotel.) The family is British; they have eight hotels in London (Ham Yard, Covent Garden) and two others here: the Crosby Street in Soho and the Whitby on 56th Street.

The Warren Street Bar & Restaurant will be open for breakfast starting at 7a, as well as lunch and dinner; the last reservation is at 10:30. They just got their liquor license, but won’t be serving cocktails for a few days while they get the bar up and running. The back room is called the Orangerie and has a skylight; there’s a drawing room for hotel guests only.

Tea service starts in March.



  1. We’ve watched (and listened to) this hotel being built from across the street since… 2019? So happy to see it finally finished and open! Looks beautiful inside. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  2. Not a fan of the uplighting contributing to the light pollution.

  3. I walked past it yesterday and it was lively inside… so happy to have this new addition to the neighborhood…

  4. Seems like a great place to store migrants.

  5. I love the teal on the facade! American architects are always so terrified of a bit of color, but it’s wonderfully refreshing. Looks like a nice addition to the neighborhood.

  6. Took a look around the lobby, restaurant and lounge over the weekend. It has a vibrant look and feel, a little bolder even than the Crosby Street Hotel, which is owned by the same people. A colorful addition to the neighborhood.

  7. Almost $1000 for a regular room?

  8. Hoping they don’t fall victim to the city and get bought out to house migrants.

  9. People still confuse money with taste. Tribeca is the epitome of the former without the latter.

  10. $925/night before taxes and fees for their standard room is utterly ridiculous. I guess some people have money to burn. It must be nice!

  11. Had early dinner there this weekend…they’ve got a long way to go on the food front. But it is a lively addition to the neighborhood…