Better Late Than Never: Hole in the Wall

Like the name suggests, the outside of Hole in the Wall at the Seaport really doesn’t look like much. I’ve been there a couple times now and still wonder if I am headed in the right direction: it’s set back from the street, there isn’t any prominent signage, and the scaffolding seems to be of a permanent nature. But it has become one of my fave brunch/lunch spots, especially when it’s chilly out.

Of course I am way late to this party — it opened in 2014 — and as a news site, it’s a bit odd to be writing about something a decade late. But I’m guessing this hasn’t gotten on everyone’s radar yet so worth the mention.

There are now four Holes in the Wall across the city — Williamsburg, Murray Hill, Flatiron and what they call Fidi, though I would call Seaport; the success of the first, on Cliff Street just off Fulton, launched Parched Restaurant Group. There are now other concepts as well (Isla, Isla & Co., The Sentry, Daintree) adding up to 13 restaurants across five states and two more under construction. The group is Australian, and you can see the similarities to its distant cousin, Two Hands.

The Seaport location is a bit scrappy and homemade: the ductwork is exposed, the pegboard walls look almost spontaneous, the kitchen is open. But the best part is the buzz. It just feels homey — staff and even other patrons smile at you when you walk in. Try to get the corner window table.

If your order at Two Hands is the brassica bowl, then you won’t be disappointed by the very flavorful and textured HITW power bowl with a poached egg, though ask for it with extra broccolini if you can – it needs a bit more veg to balance the quinoa. My pal loved the kimchi scramble served on top of a thick piece of sourdough — it had some kick and was served nice and hot. We split sweet potato fries, which should not be missed.

Tea service might not be an Australian thing — the bag was dunked in after the water. But I’ll still be back, maybe for a boozy brunch and the crispy chicken sando.

Hole in the Wall
15 Cliff Street | Fulton & John
Monday to Sunday, 9a to 5p
Happy Hour: weekdays 3 to 5p (kitchen closes at 4p)
Walk in only



  1. Just across the street at 28 Cliff Street is Ryan Maguire’s – terrific restaurant/pub that has been there since 1995.

  2. Looks like a great place for the migrants to spend their $1000 food stipends.