Crowd Sourcing: What are the oldest sidewalk sheds in the neighborhood?

Borough President Mark Levine released a list of the eight oldest sidewalk sheds in the borough — and 22 Reade, the City Planning offices owned by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, made the short list, coming in at age six. “The shed is up for construction or maintenance, but the scope of work and exact reason for the shed are not known,” said the BP in his release. (It’s always depressing when even government can’t figure out what government is doing.)

But I think there are many sidewalk sheds (I always thought they were sidewalk bridges, but deferring to the BP)  in Tribeca way older, including the exhausting one at PS 234. I’m guessing that has been up since 2017. The one at 172 Duane goes back a decade. The one on Catherine Lane that just came down was there for two decades.

And then there are the sheds that have eliminated the sidewalks altogether: 65 Franklin, 45 Park Place, 14 White.

So comment here with other record-holders — or any at all. I have always wanted to make a list and maybe we can start here.

The borough president has made efforts to move things along and Crain’s reported that the city is increasing fines for owners who don’t dismantle their sheds in a timely manner. “Owners in the central business districts could be fined $10,000 if they have a shed up and have failed to file a repair application within three months, get work permits within six months or finish their repairs within two years. The administration will also push for legislation that would impose new monthly fines on building owners with sheds in the public right of way that are unrelated to new construction or demolition work. These penalties would start 90 days after the shed gets its permit and be capped at $6,000 per month.”




  1. How about the shed at the DOB building right across from City Hall on the corner of Broadway amd Murray. It has been up nearly the entire 13 years I’ve lived here. Wonder who’s been collecting that check for more than a decade now?

  2. From the East side of 9 Murray St, 253 Broadway, the DCAS building, and all the way down Broadway to 258. As you point out, BobR, has been there quite awhile.
    I believe it went up before or shortly after 9/11.
    It came down for a couple of months about 10 years ago then went right back up.
    My guess this is the longest duration.

  3. There’s been one up in front of 139 Franklin at least for the last 5 years (as long as I’ve been on this block) – guessing it’s been there even longer.

  4. Definitely need to pass legislation imposing fines for sheds being left up too long. It’s ridiculous.

  5. What about the building at the corner of Warren and West Bway and the building on Park Pl.
    Do they qualify?