Seen & Heard: Cleaned out at Morgan’s

H. and N. sent pictures of Morgan’s completely cleaned out after the Valentine’s Day Massacre of cut flowers. I will note that they had some especially nice arrangements this year, but it looks like folks even went for the dyed carnations when things got tough…

In the Cool Idea department: anyone can submit a walking tour idea for Jane’s Walk, an international celebration of urban life and culture inspired by Jane Jacobs and hosted by the Municipal Art Society May 3-5. Volunteers lead walks through neighborhoods, with themes like Ethnic Eats Walking Tour of Astoria, Death Walk (Uptown Manhattan Trinity Cemetery and Mausoleum), Hidden Treasures of Melrose in the South Bronx. MAS will host a walk leader information session on February 27 from 5-6:30p at the Tompkins Square Library. RSVP for that here or just submit an idea here.

There of course have been dozens of tribute to and obits of David Bouley, but a few that were standouts if you need more on David (I did): An Appraisal from Pete Wells in The Times; some great pictures (of course) and unique anecdotes from Carl Glassman at the Tribeca Trib: “After 9/11, Bouley received a $5.8 million contract from the Red Cross to feed rescue and recovery workers. He transported between 20,000 and 30,000 meals in police vans to the World Trade Center site”; and finally, David on David Letterman — it made me nostalgic for good, slow, genius TV.



  1. Oh, those terrible days after 9/11. The prep kitchen was in his location on West Broadway and Duane. I still remember walking by, looking in the window and thinking, so many carrots! A huge Wegman’s refrigerated truck was parked outside for months. People working together during such a tragedy.

    • The Ground Zero Cafe was the “unofficial name” given to the food distribution location across the street from the pit after 9/11. A 24/7 operation in what used to be a fast food place, with most inventory coming from Wegmans upstate.

  2. David Bouley’s appearances on the Letterman show were priceless. Thank you for posting Pam❤️

  3. Gotham Seafood delivered 10,000 lbs of ice on a daily basis for the first two months after the attacks to all of the first responder mustering points (PAPD, NYPD FDNY FEMA) that were set up around the WTC site. One day, as we were unloading ice, I noticed David had taken over an abandoned storefront on Liberty Street directly facing the burning and collapsed Towers (location, location, location). He had set up rows of tables, each adorned with flowers, to serve the first responders working at the site. There was a chalk board menu on a wall with the days specials. It was christened The Ground Zero Cafe by the rescue workers. I asked him if I he needed anything as we looked out onto the site and he replied, with misty eyes, “I just want to serve these guys some great food”. For the next two months we delivered swordfish, salmon, lobsters and whatever he asked for. The specials menu was evolving; Whole Maine Lobster, Lobster Salad, Blackened Swordfish, Tuna Steak Au Poivre. The place was packed day and night with weary firemen after their shifts. I’ll never forget the look in the fire men’s eyes as they sat outside on chairs after their meals, a mere forty feet from the destruction, contemplating the task ahead. David’s extraordinary “Cafe” was a lifeline to the heroic rescue teams who toiled endless hours looking for their lost brothers. I miss his infectious energy. I’m sure he’s designing new menus for all who were lost.