Fire on West Broadway fills neighborhood with smoke

A fire of what looked like tons of cardboard boxes erupted this morning — around 7:45a — and is still burning now on West Broadway, between Murray and Park Place. It’s filled the whole neighborhood with smoke.

Firefighters and police closed the block starting at Warren and firefighters were tamping down the flames still when I went by. There’s still no reports with the NYPD press office; I will update in a bit if the report comes in. The NYPD said it was a garbage fire, which doesn’t explain the boom, but that’s all I have.

Neighbors said there was a huge boom at 7:45 or so — a really big one, like an M-80, one said — and the flames then reached about 8 or 10 feet high.



  1. I hope the firefighters were able to find a usable hydrant. Large, illegally-parked USPS mail trucks routinely block the hydrants (as well as crosswalks and bike lanes) around that and other nearby intersections every day of the week, including weekends. A weekend doesn’t go by when both hydrants on the block of Murray between West Broadway and Church aren’t entirely blocked by these large vans. NYPD traffic agents say they are forbidden from ticketing or towing federal vehicles.