New Kid in Brookfield: Sixpoint Taproom

The new Sixpoint Brewery‘s taproom in Battery Park City — it’s on the southwest corner of the highway and Liberty, across from Liberty Park — is cheery and easy and I would say a solid addition to the neighborhood if for no other reason than to free up some space from the bro crowd at Puffy’s. (Can’t imagine why, but they close at 10p.)

I love a taproom, and this one is fine, but don’t expect a lot of charm, perhaps because context/location. It’s clearly designed with tourists in mind, and maybe that should be expected when you are next to the 9/11 Memorial. There is some graffiti-ish decor including cheesy subway references that make it seem a little Epcot-subway, and the color scheme is pretty raucous. (I have not been to the Sixpoint taproom in Downtown Brooklyn, but the Three’s taproom in Gowanus and the Other Half brewery under the BQE are totally worth the trip across the river.)

The bar is huge and long — 30 seats I would guess? and despite the very high ceilings, concrete floors and music, it is not cacophonous in there, especially given the crowd and the size of the space. We are old so we loved that we could hear ourselves talk. (Is it me, or is almost every bar spinning tunes from the ’70s and ’80s?)

The staff was super nice and clearly experienced, plus the bartender told me they were given an extensive Sixpoint training: a full week of eight hour days to learn the beers.

NB the beer menu has two sides: their commercial offerings that you can buy elsewhere in cans (“Sixpoint Core”), and the brews that are only served at the taprooms (“Sixpoint Innovations”). But read the notes carefully: the Slice Sipper was so heavy on the peppercorns it actually hurt my throat. In the end, we preferred their classic brews that you can get at a bodega but were great on tap here.

They also offer spirits from Southern Tier, a brewery and distillery in way western New York State; and there’s cider and wine behind the bar — so you aren’t left without choices if you are not a beer drinker. (I even noticed an NA wine, which I’ve had on occasion.)

We were there before their kitchen was fully operational so didn’t eat — I never think that’s fair. So someone report back. The prices are reasonable: a burger for $17, the vegetarian buddha bowl for $15. Oh, and they are open for lunch. Oh, and there’s a beer garden outside on West Street, coming with the good weather.

Sixpoint Taproom at Brookfield Place
200 Liberty at the Westside Highway
Monday to Saturday, 11:30a to 10p
Sunday 11:30a to 8p



  1. Great new addition to the area but man they were lazy on the interior design. It looks like a slightly better version of mcdonalds with those chairs and tables. No bar should look like this, and instead it should have been leather couches and industrial/wood stools. This colorful “design” is a glorified chuck-e-cheese and doesn’t work for a bar, where adults want to drink and not sit in uncomfortable chairs.

  2. Nice to have this addition, but the interior looks like something you would have found in the old Laguardia Airport tucked into a nook next to the Dick Clark themed restaurant.