Another fire on the street

As they say in consulting, two points make a line. There was a second trash fire in the neighborhood late Thursday night, on Greenwich and Warren, and while it would be worth noting either way, the fact that there was a similar fire on Feb. 22 makes me take note.

Both S. and D. let me know, and sent pictures of the fire and aftermath. This from D.: “Apparently some people drove by the BofA on Greenwich during the night and threw something on the trash at the curb. Huge flames, according to the overnight concierge at 275 Greenwich, where I live. The Fire Department came and put it out.”

On Feb. 22, a fire of what looked like tons of cardboard boxes erupted around 7:45a — neighbors said there was an explosion and 10-foot-high flames — on West Broadway, between Murray and Park Place. It filled the whole neighborhood with smoke.

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  1. The ring of steel installed by the City of NY post 9/11 should provide all the answers. With the millions of dollars spent on all the cameras and sensors downtown it’s shocking we have no answers yet.