Old dining sheds should come down this summer

Since I am just about done with some of the dining sheds making our sidewalks claustrophobic, I wanted to see just how the new Dining Out NYC program will roll out.

The new rules (see details here) were effective as of March 3. Any restaurant with a temporary shed (the ones we see now) needs to apply for the new permanent program by August 3 to continue operating.

Once their application is approved, a restaurant’s outdoor dining setup will need to comply with the program’s design requirements within 30 days. So to do the math, by Sept. 3, there should no longer be any massive sheds with roofs in front of restaurants or on the sidewalks.

The first approved Dining Out NYC setups are expected to be on the streets this summer.

Restaurants participating in the temporary program that do not apply and do not take down their sheds could be subject to enforcement and fines. The Department of Transportation will continue to inspect the new setups.



  1. Can someone tell the people at Yves the sidewalk is for pedestrians and not for them to be making extra money? Their set up is so obtrusive on a rather busy pedestrian corner.

  2. Let’s see how well this is really enforced.

    I still think it makes more sense to widen sidewalks permanently, at least on any streets where this is feasible, and put the outdoor seating directly adjacent to the restaurant, not across the sidewalk. Then there would be no need for sheds at all. Restaurants could put retractable awnings over this seating adjacent to the restaurants, if desired. Tables and chairs can be put away at night. This also avoids the need for service to continuously cross the pedestrian sidewalk to get to the sheds out in the street.

  3. How has the DOT not taken the Zutto shed down?? Also, One White Street has taken over their corner and it’s a shame..

  4. ZONA don’t you realize how bad and disgusting your out door seating is. Clean up , take it all down. Spring is here.

  5. And TAMARIND at 99 Hudson. It’s used for storage. Really gross!

  6. Sure, let’s eliminate even more third space, because we haven’t dedicated enough public space to the ugliness of cars..

  7. I asked the manager? Owner? At Belle Reve recently if he was taking down the shed, he said ‘ It’s not until November! Don’t worry!’ Who’s worried? I don’t believe they are doing it until I see it!