Made in Fidi: 212 Salsa

If any of you are already fans of the 212 Salsa at Rigor Hill Market or the Fulton Stall Market — and I know you are out there because the stuff is moving quick — it turns out the recipe sprang from a Vitamix on Nassau Street.

Fidi resident Jon Parrish sold software for 30 years and that whole time nursed a passion for salsa. He’s a native Californian, but it was during his stint in Texas as a teen that his addiction first took hold. It started with the salsa at Pappasito’s Cantina, now a big chain but at the time just a local place: “When I returned to California, they had a different style of salsa, so I started trying to copy those Texas flavors,” he said.

As an adult, his job took him around the world and he started learning about chilis and oils and ingredients and when he moved to Fidi a decade ago, he continued to develop his recipes using the Vitamix on his kitchen counter.

“The salsa that’s in Rigor Hill now was perfected over almost 30 years,” Jon said. “I know it’s a great product. Now the hard part is keeping it on the shelves.”

Photo by Jack Dahlia

About a year ago he discovered a “foodpreneur” space in Queens that gives free access to business advisors as well as shifts in a commercial kitchen. He drew up a 30-page business plan and they guided him through the process, including state regulations for refrigerated products. He is now making small batches of 70 to 100 jars in an 8-hour shift, and is slowing adding stores around the city like Rigor Hill to his list.

He uses heirloom tomatoes — grown in a hothouse in winter, or outside in summer — Italian balsamic and high end ingredients from France and Italy — he wouldn’t tell me precisely.

“It’s not dumbed down by something that ruins the taste for shelf-life reasons,” he said. “To get into Whole Foods you have to have a shelf life of 180 days. I’ll eat this down in a day and a half. So other makers will keep adding salt or other chemicals to get to that shelf life.”

There aren’t make other makers like him in the city, so he hopes he has a niche. The next move: get to a certain level of income over six months to a year, start talking to some distributors to get to wholesale. And then new products. And then maybe retail.

In the meantime, even at $18-20 for a 16-ounce jar, the product is selling out at the four local shops that stock it.

“It’s very unique,” he said. “It comes out like something you make in your kitchen that day.”



  1. Aside from Rigor Hill and the Fulton Stall Market, what are the other two stores that sell this salsa? Thanks!

  2. I get mine from the farmers market circuit. This stuff is BOMB. Red is good, the green warms my soul. 5/5 ⭐️

  3. Very cool. Looking forward to trying it!

  4. I looooooove this salsa. It’s the kind that has the perfect heat and you can’t stop eating it! I usually buy three jars at a time!

  5. So delicious! We love it!