Nosy Neighbor: Any idea what this scaffolding is about?

L. sent this aerial of the new sidewalk bridge around the AT&T Long Lines Building at 33 Thomas. I noticed it the other day (from the ground) and wondered if it was work prepping for a building on the plaza just east of the building. It seems not.

Found this on the DOB NOW website, with permits paid for and issued this month:
Remove & replace face brick, repoint mortar joints, patch cracked/spalled concrete & granite, re-secure displaced granite panels, re-secure displaced antenna at roof bulkhead, rebuild concrete curb and remove & replace guardrail at curb.

It’s a half million dollar project.

ICYMI, AT&T has applied to the city to develop what they say is a public plaza (though right now it is a private parking lot) behind the tower between Thomas and Worth, Church and Broadway, into two residential buildings — one on Worth at 20 stories, and one on Thomas at 15 stories — plus a new public plaza. You can see all the drawings and renderings here, but keep in mind that this is a proposal for a zoning change, not an actual project. If the change goes through, the eventual developer could build a completely different project.



  1. Could it just be to protect people on the sidewalk from falling debris?

  2. If the proposal is approved I hope that the city can actually enforce the availability of the “public space” to the public. Those spaces were given in exchange for other privileges, and using it as private parking is an outrageous misuse.