Japanese market coming to Greenwich and Franklin

Japanese market coming to Greenwich and Franklin

Thanks to P., B., N. and A. for the heads up: a place called Hashi Market has taken the space just south of Benvenuto on Greenwich and Franklin. My big discovery so far: hachi means ‘bridge’ in Japanese.

I can’t find any record for it in the Google; there are applications on file with the Department of Buildings starting in January through just last month for alterations to the space at 367 Greenwich. (Though 363-367 is listed as one lot, and 363 is American Cut.)

And I can’t picture what has been in that space in the past. Anyone? UPDATE: James noted that it was Tribeca Tap House, which closed in spring 2019.

It looks a bit like the new Mitsuki Japanese Market on Park Row and Beekman. Will keep an eye on it…



  1. “Hachi” can mean “bridge” yes (as well as multiple other things), but “hashi” can mean “chopsticks” and that’s the likely meaning here. Looking forward to visiting!

  2. “Hashi” can mean bridge as well as chopsticks (and other things). You mistakenly wrote “hachi” in the text, which can mean 8 or bee, among other things.

  3. We really need a Korean market down here. I guess those rumors about H-mart were nothing more than rumors. Bummer!

  4. It used to be Tribeca Tap House I believe.

  5. I am a native Japanese and a translator, too. The name of the market is “Hashi,” not “Hachi.” Yes, it means either “bridge” or “chopsticks” with different intonation. “Hachi means the number “8.” This shop might look like “a Japanese market,” but other Asians most likely own it. I can tell by the choice of the name and the graphic. I welcome anything Asian in the neighborhood anyway!

    • I am Japanese as well. This one is owned by Chinese, similar to Ebisu in Soho and Mitsuki in FiDi. Definitely not authentic Japanese. Go to Sunrise Market or Yamada-ya for that. I heard from a reliable source that H Mart will be opening in early 2025.

  6. Before that, it was the bar/restaurant Pig ‘n’ Whistle for decades…

    Also, wasn’t Hmart (the Korean grocery) supposedly coming to the old Jin Market space on 11 Hudson Street? Will be great to have at least one Asian grocer nearby to shop at.

  7. Two weeks ago I spotted new refrigerator units being loaded into the Jin space – so maybe Hmart is finally happening. I just want to be able to get a quart of milk and a pint of Haagen Daz on my way home from the subway.

  8. From the signage it looks less like an actual market per se and more like a pickup sushi market with “nigiri” and “maki.”

    Let’s all continue to put out positive energy for an H Mart!