Eclipse watchers from Tribeca to St. Johnsbury

Jini Sachse sent in these fabulous pictures of eclipse watchers Downtown: there’s just something so joyful about them. And Jolene Howard managed to get the shot below of the crescent through her protective lenses.

And not to brag, but since I was in the North Country this weekend, I decided to spend an extra night to catch totality in eastern Vermont, and it was a happening on the family farm my pal and I stumbled across. For $20 we got a front-row seat from their fields, probably the best parking deal ever. The time lapse below shows the sun being snuffed out as darkness — and a chill — descends.


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  1. I was able to see it in Montreal, flew there for it.. and seeing a full total solar eclipse really is incredible… so lucky for you to be in VT at the time.