In the News: New Jersey congestion pricing case heard in court

The Times has a summary of the two-day hearing that took place last week for the lawsuit that New Jersey brought against the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration. The state claims that the feds allowed its neighbor New York “to move ahead with congestion pricing without fully addressing how traffic and pollution would be shifted to its neighbors across the Hudson River as drivers avoid the new tolls.” The judge said he will make a decision before the tolling starts in June.

I will get in there, but in the meantime, here’s the Curbed story on the Christopher Wool show on the 19th Floor of 101 Greenwich, his first major exhibition since a 2014 retrospective at the Guggenheim. “The floor was gutted before the pandemic and left raw, wires exposed, concrete shorn to reveal stripes of original mosaic tile — a distressed vibe that matches the work of a punk painter who came up under the abstract expressionists.” Info on the show here. Through July 31.

There is just a tangential connection to Downtown here, but any of you fans of the jetty at South Cove might want to read: The Times reports that Miss’ piece at the Des Moines Art Center, “Greenwood Pond-Double Site,” will be dismantled because the museum does not have the money to repair it. The museum estimates it will take $2.7 million to repair the project.

After the collapse of the parking garage on Ann Street that killed a worker there, the Department of Buildings stepped up inspections and has labelled seven parking garages in Lower Manhattan as “unsafe,” according to The Broadsheet: 225 Rector Place, 333 Rector Place, 75 Wall Street, 71 Reade Street, 23 Beekman Street, 13 South Street, and 10 South William Street. “A designation of ‘unsafe’ carries with it the requirement that the operator repair the conditions leading to the citation within 90 days, or else face closure.”



  1. New Jersey had ample time to weigh in; the bill was passed in 2019.

    This is nothing else other than posturing and politicking by Murphy, and has made me lose complete respect for him. You can’t tout your green credentials while you oppose CP while spending billions widening your access roads to the tunnels (while your own mass transit falls apart and you’re raising fares). To say nothing of the gross attempt to install his wife in the Senate.

  2. My car was crushed in the garage last April on Ann Street and I have heard nothing further. I submitted a ton of stuff to my insurance company (receipts for rental cars and train tickets). Anyone else know anything?

  3. The projected demolition of Mary Miss’ “Greenwood Pond: Double Site” by the Des Moines Art Center is an unconscionable dereliction of duty on the part of the museum. They say they haven’t the funds to restore it. But if a museum has a Rembrandt which needs costly restoration and they haven’t the money to do it is the answer to put it in the trash?

    Letters of protest ought be sent to Ms. Kelly Baum, Director, The Des Moines Art Center, 4700 Grand Ave. Des Moines, Iowa 50312.

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