Neighbors on Duane Park are organizing against cannabis shop

Neighbors along Duane Park are organizing against the cannabis dispensary proposed for 177 Duane — Teresa Tarmey’s former space just east of Duane Park Patisserie.

There is also a proposal for 25 Ann, next to Da Claudio. Both applications will be heard at Community Board 1’s executive committee on April 18 at 6p. You can show up at the CB1 office at 1 Centre or participate on Webex live.

This applicant is for a CAURD license: for non-profits and individuals with drug convictions who also own businesses. And once again it has the most ridiculous and unsophisticated business name of Lyfe Charmz. (I continue to my mystified by the lack of marketing savvy here.) Still, this site should clear the state’s siting distance rules established by Office of Cannabis Management that say all licensees must be

  • 500 feet from a school
  • 200 feet from a house of worship
  • 1000 feet from another licensee.

Community Board 1 has created a list of what it calls “distancing preferences.” If an applicant follows these guidelines, CB1 will be more likely to approve the application:

  • 1000 feet from a playground
  • 500 feet from a public youth facility
  • 500 feet from a park or public open space
  • 500 feet from a harm reduction facility.

So clearly this applicant is within 1000 feet of the playground at Washington Market Park and 500 feet from the entrance to the park itself (we can pace it, but blocks from avenue to avenue are 600 feet wide, so safe to say).

For what it’s worth, the spokeswoman for the OCM, Taylor Randi Lee, said that the agency takes the advisory role of the community boards very seriously. “It matters to us,” she said.


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  1. This location is very clearly within 500 feet of Washington Market School and is basically right in the heart of the most child-friendly, community-oriented part of the neighborhood, wedged between the two most beloved parks in Tribeca.

    As lofty as their intentions may have been by trying to legalize marijuana sales and help those negatively affected, the State has obliterated every ounce of goodwill it may have garnered by giving communities practically no say in the siting of these stores. These simply don’t belong in dense residential areas in the early stages of the rollout and it shouldn’t take massive, repeated community opposition to make that clear.

    Duane Street neighbors should post how others can support them.