Only in Tribeca: The artist Meghan Boody hosts an epic send-off for herself

The artist Meghan Boody sent herself off in style with a party in her highly stylized penthouse loft at 115 West Broadway (just north of Reade) that included Sanskrit chants, strolling minstrels, pigeons on the loose indoors, men in gorilla suits and a pit fire on the rooftop. She’s selling the apartment in anticipation of a move to France and planned this as a last hurrah.

It was lavish and wacky evening, where at one moment she announced she was marrying a ‘tall, dark and handsome spelunker,’ and in the next told her betrothed it was over between them. “I love you but I don’t belong to you,” she told ‘Diego.’ A caped songstress led a trio of young girls and a puppy around the room, weaving through the guests who all held candles to light the space. A woman was freed from her captive slumber on the daybed at the center of the living room. Meghan herself took to the mic, eventually shedding her embroidered caftan to reveal a sequined backless tank top in the shape of a butterfly — her coming out of the chrysalis. It was also her 60th birthday.

“Close your eyes and imagine that dark place where you have given your power away,” Meghan told her guests. “Now breathe it out,” she said, and asked everyone to join her in a primal scream. “I am being reborn,” she said. “If you are in this room you are special to me,” and let everyone in a round of the Beatles song “With a Little Help from My Friends.”

Aside from a rough night for the pigeons, which crashed repeatedly into the windows, it was a festive and personal spectacle that culminated in a trip to the rooftop for dozens of guests, where a group of women chanted over an open fire. Guests could make a wish on a pine cone or inscribe a note to add to the flames.

Curbed reported that she bought the apartment 1995 for $530,000 and undertook a major renovation in 2001, imbuing the space with rich details and elaborate features like a mezzanine balcony and intimate library. It really is as remarkable as design magazines have suggested — I’ve never seen anything quite like it — and it turns out, she said, that she can get a whole chateau for the same price as a three-bedroom penthouse in Tribeca. That, if the sale goes as planned, is $5.3 million.