Dining sheds at Tamarind have been removed

Tamarind, which had what were essentially small rooms built on both side of the sidewalk and which were rarely occupied in recent months, has finally removed almost of all of its covid dining sheds. (Thanks to C. for alerting me.) Not only is it a huge relief for pedestrians, but it reveals the beautiful building and huge windows that were hidden back there four years ago.

I hope some of the equally imposing buildouts left over from 2020 follow suit, since it was just great to have the sidewalks returned to the public when I walked by this morning.

Tamarind has left one shed in the curbside on Franklin; I don’t know if they plan to open a traditional sidewalk cafe, but they certainly have the width there to do it.

A couple other restaurants have really encroached on the sidewalks, including Zona Tribeca, Serafina and Tiny’s. (Though at least Tiny’s is … tiny.) Bluestone Lane, IMO, should not be permitted any outdoor seating since they already have a HUGE permanent sidewalk cafe that should never have been grandfathered. All of these locations have left far less than the required eight feet of sidewalk space and it makes the neighborhood much less pedestrian friendly.



  1. Throw in Rigor Hill and One White Street – there’s definitely not 8 feet of walking space there.. I have no idea how Zutto still has their shed up..

    Happy to see Sarabeth’s taking theirs down yesterday – Progress!!

  2. Amazing how seeing these disappear make us in the neighborhood so happy. I hope the other restaurants that are behind get the message.

  3. Zutto,,,,, a shed that literally has never been used. i won’t eat there anymore because a crappy shed out front, for me is always a real turnoff….

  4. Belle Reve also took down their shed which was essentially a building extension. Also glad to have the wider sidewalk back.

    Although again, I’m all for outdoor seating done right, which to me means European café style: Widen the sidewalks as needed, and allow the (removable) seating and tables directly adjacent to the sidewalk. Where feasible, allow a (perhaps retractable) awning. Simple, elegant, allows cleaning of the streets and sidewalk, no ugly sheds, can be put away completely when the place closes for the night, etc.

  5. Greenwich Tavern on Beach and Greenwich has two of the most hideous shed which they now earn money by covering in advertisements. The shed are used for storage for their outdoor tables, is this legal?

  6. At least the sheds at Tamarind were well constructed and maintained. They weren’t rat magnets and disgusting (like Zona)
    I have a feeling the one remaining shed is there for to go orders-
    I’ve noticed now that they do offer delivery through the various apps (something they only started post covid)
    –they leave to go orders in one of their sheds so the delivery guys aren’t coming and going out the front of the restaurant.
    Tamarind has always been a highlight in the neighborhood for me.

  7. Apparently unpopular opinion: while the new rules are the rules, and the sheds will go, I’m not happy to see it happen. Some of them were a mess, it’s true, but overall I think they’ve added positively to street life. I’m particularly bummed to see the ones in the road taken down, though it’s mostly not the subject of this post: how many extra tables are we ultimately giving up for more parking spaces? I know some will persist, but if I understand correctly, more or less only fair weather structures will be allowed, and only for part of the year…

    • Yes, that’s correct. See this post. And I don’t think everyone dislikes ALL the sheds. Some function well and fit into the landscape. A lot of them take over the sidewalk with too-solid structures that impede walking and ruin sightlines.

  8. The people behind Tribeca Grill should think about taking their sheds down as well, I believe they are closed most of the time.

  9. Way to go Tamarind. Now Walker’s – Take down those sheds on Both Sides of the street. People have to walk on the subway grids where i have seen people struggle – worry someone might fall and get hurt.

    Maybe those of us that are against this can tell the restaurant’s directly. With enough of an outcry, maybe they get the hint.

  10. And Anejo on Church. Their shed on Walker hasn’t been used for at least a year, it’s a storage space and very unattractive. It’s uncivil to leave a shed on a busy street for no good reason other than free real estate grabbing. They have tables on the sidewalk and another shed on Church.
    Last time I passed Belle Reve the addition was intact. Will check again.
    Yes it’s spirit lifting when 401 Broadway scaffolding was finally removed. But the anticipation of more coming up on the other end of Walker once the construction starts is depressing.

  11. For pedestrians attempting to turn the corner at 1 White St. it is a slow process of enervating navigation as others try to figure out how to edge by all the tables and baby carriages and waiters with trays scattered on both sides of the pavement. Enough!

  12. Amazing! Based on these comments the people of Tribeca are like a retirement home in Florida. Stop being old senile sticks in the mud and keep your stupid complaints to yourself.

    • Jim,
      Actually the people I know who favor sheds are mostly from Florida and Ohio…
      Like my suburban transplant cousins who like sheds, food delivery, Target and Uber….