Dr Smood will leave the Goldman breezeway

Dr Smood, the detox juice portmanteau (a blend of the words smart and food) out of Europe that opened in the Goldman breezeway in March 2019, will close today, April 26. I know they have some loyal followers around here, including A., who sent the news. They are also closing their Lexington Avenue location.

“For many years, we’ve been graced with your visits and unwavering loyalty and no words can describe the deep appreciation we feel for this support,” the team’s note to subscribers said. “Dr Smood cafes have been around for almost a decade; however it’s time for us to focus on our next chapter on our journey.”

The company is developing a line of packaged gourmet foods and “smart” foods — healthier snack options — to distribute in grocery stores and online.

That space formerly houses Francois Payard; there’s a good rumor about what’s next but I could not confirm. Dr Smood was scheduled for the northwest corner that is now Blue Bottle coffee, but the pandemic ruined those plans.


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  1. Seems like the breezeway has been dying out for a long time now. With all of the options in Brookfield, the Breezeway isn’t necessary as much.