Old Kid on a New Block: Chambers Street Wines

Chambers Street Wines, which has been on, well, Chambers since 2001, still is, only now between Church and Broadway, across from Chambers the restaurant. No coincidence there: owner David Lillie is also part owner of the restaurant, and as I walked over yesterday afternoon, I saw Chambers sommelier Pascaline Lepeltier scooting across the street with a few bottles. And also no coincidence: the new retail space is above the business’ two basement floors of wine warehouse.

The new address is 79 Chambers, and the space is narrow but crafty: there’s a lot of wine in that joint! (Plus some pretty pinks and oranges right by the door.) This is their second move: the business was first at #160 on Chambers, and most recently at #148.

The move was motivated in part by the pandemic.

“Covid, buying patterns and demographic changes in Tribeca have lowered our walk-in business — this move will drastically reduce our rent expense and enable us to continue for another 23 years, with a more extensive and expanded inventory,” he said. “We’re incredibly excited for this opportunity to continue to serve our friends in Tribeca who appreciate high-quality, small production organic, Biodynamic and natural wines! We will continue to champion those winemakers who protect their soils, the environment, their employees and consumers by working with organic and regenerative agriculture methods.”


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  1. Hooray for Chambers Wines! And congrats on your new location. One of the pleasures of living down in Tribeca is having the best wine shop in the USA right around the corner. Here’s to another 23 years!