Aahar on Murray has closed its restaurant

Aahar Indian Cuisine at 10 Murray between Broadway and Church has closed the restaurant — the space looks like it is already being gutted. But they are still cooking for online orders out of the kitchen of Bombay’s Indian Restaurant on Broad and Pearl. Order from Aahar here.

The restaurant opened in 2016, as a sister of Bombay’s, and took the place of Agoda Asian Cuisine,

That south side of Murray is struggling a bit, with the relocation of the UPS store and the closing of Healthy Joe’s. Lily O’Brien’s never recovered after the collapse of 21 Park Place, which is still an empty lot after nearly five and a half years. And the corner building is going at a snail’s pace. But it’s good to have Brickyard coming through from the Park Place side.



  1. Tribeca Social next door is also closed. I believe I saw an eviction notice a week or two back.

  2. Should’ve let Justin Timberlake open his bar on Murray St. I’m willing to wager that Murray Street’s commercial offerings would be in a much better place today.