Port Authority will re-green the living wall at Liberty Park

ICYMI — and I mean actually miss it, since I know I do, every time I walk or bike south — the Port Authority is growing a new green wall for the south side of the World Trade Center plaza (or the north retaining wall of Liberty Park) and expect it to be installed by July 1.

The wall was installed in 2016 — 3500 square feet made up of 30,000 perennials including Goldenstar, Baltic ivy, Japanese spurge, periwinkle, coral bells and wintercreeper. But the planting trays for the plants were tough to maintain: soil would erode and the roots would be exposed to cold and what the PA called “adventurous animals” — but I think we can translate that to rats. They were replacing half the plants each year, according to Jake Fry, a planning manager for the PA.

So the new system replaces the soil with what they are calling wool felt pillows that create a fibrous insulation for the plants’ roots. They tested the pillows for a year on site, and now the new seedlings have been growing at a greenhouse in Virginia since December, hanging from custom-built A-frame structures.

Fry added a couple more plant varieties to the mix as well, including bugleweed and brunnera. The new varieties could provide more potential for flowers on the wall, which can serve as a food source for pollinators like native bees and butterflies.

“Because of this material, the roots can expand and mature,” he said. “It’s a very technically savvy system that’s really designed with this outdoor environment in mind.”

Installation should be wrapped up by July 1 so watch for the roll out in the next weeks.



  1. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing its return in all its glory and then some.

  2. Are there not any native plants they could grow here?