Nosy Neighbor: “I find this bus stop ad concerning.”

I’d like to say I had a hand in this, but P. took care of this Nosy Neighbor question herself. It started out with her video above, taken at the M55 bus stop at Church and Worth, where it looks like two women locked in an embrace finger each other — all while wearing Camper sandals from the spring/summer collection. “I find it concerning,” she wrote — and then sent an email to the MTA.

“I consider myself an open minded person — I was raised in Greenwich Village in the late ’60s, early ’70s so I’ve been introduced to lots of public displays of affection, and, in my younger years, had some myself,” P. wrote. “But at a certain level of passion, one does have some preservation of modesty and saves something for private moments. Not so for the ad playing now.

“There are children going by this stop, a day care across the street where children are taken for walks daily and a woman was sitting at the stop the other day with a child in a stroller. This imagery is appropriate for a ‘rated’ television program or film — not a bus stop.”

P. was told to reroute her email to the Department of Transportation and JCDecaux North America, which manages the advertising on city bus shelters. Those responses then said to send her complaint to legal affairs at JCDecaux, and that did the trick.

The reply did not come from the press office so I will not quote it, but an official there did say the content will be removed from the unit today. It was scheduled to end on May 19.

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  1. I feel like there are more pressing issues we should be focused on than this bus stop ad.

    Also would “P” be as offended if it was a heterosexual couple in the ad?