OK Uniform is moving its Tribeca store

OK Uniform, which has been on Church between Leonard and Franklin for two decades but has been in business in the city since 1938, is closing its Tribeca store in the next month. They have already opened a midtown location — at 40th between Madison and Park — and they are looking now for a smaller space in Tribeca, hopefully on Church Street as well. “We are not really closing other than for a week or two while we move,” they said. (Thanks to S. for the heads up.)

The store is one of my faves for shopping in the neighborhood — I never walk out of there without something original or clever, like a Champion sweatshirt with a fictional Tribeca business embroidered on the front, or a Stan Ray shop coat, or one of the dozens of ballcaps repping decommissioned baseball teams from leagues gone by. (I didn’t realize that you can shop online as well.)

The business was founded by a tailor from Hungary and has stayed in the family for four generations. They moved to the Tribeca spot 20 years ago.

OK Uniform
30 East 40th Street
Monday through Wednesday 10a to 4p
Thursday & Friday 10a to 5p
Saturday & Sunday closed


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  1. OK is the best! Nicest people too. Hope they don’t go far