P.J. Clarke’s adds an oyster bar

P.J. Clarke’s at Brookfield has added an oyster bar just west of its longtime location at Brookfield. It opened in mid March (catching up) and takes the corner that was briefly an Italian sandwich shop. Thanks to M. and J. for the exterior pics.

Will head over there soonish and check it out but in the meantime, their press release said they will offer top-tier locally sourced seafood in a variety of preparations, crudo, tartares, and of course freshly shucked and sauced oysters from shuck-masters. The executive chef is Michael DeFonzo.

The design also looks cute: white subway tiles, nautical light fixtures, antique mirrors, and a feature bar with hearth oven. No reservations needed. I can’t glean the hours on their website — but more TK.

photo courtesy Ashley Sears




  1. I was hoping for something new in that space. PJ Clark’s serving more oysters is not really adding much.

  2. Yeah, nice design, I guess, but I don’t really understand PJ Clarke’s spent so much on so few additional seats. Who needs a dedicated space for oysters? But maybe it’s intended for fun corporate-type dinners. That’s probably a decent business, given their location.