Nosy Neighbor: Tribeca Pediatrics building is for sale

M. spotted a listing for the sale of 15 Warren, the current home of Tribeca Pediatrics. And of course it got us to wondering if the doctor’s office, which is now a massive brand, would leave the neighborhood. The answer for now is no. (The building is listed for $6.5 million and has four floor-thru residential units and the one retail space.)

“We would not close our flagship Tribeca location,” wrote Leslie Pennypacker, the company’s executive director. “We have operated in the Tribeca community for 30+ years and have no plans of changing that.”

Michel Cohen opened the original Tribeca Pediatrics in a storefront  on Harrison Street in 1994; the office then moved to 46 Warren, and in 2015, to 15 Warren.

And in those 30 years later he has built an empire: 48 offices across the city, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey.

The Times had a recent story on the evolution of the company, and explores the reasons he scaled and how he did it — partly by hiring a particularly savvy bartender from the Yaffa Cafe.



  1. Speaking of nosiness… Any news on the Barnes & Nobles building? We were just notified that the owners have started renovations through June, so building residents can expect a lot of noise. Would love to know what our hearing and sanity is being sacrificed for.

  2. Re Barnes & Noble – construction is going on but so far we hear very little noise and live just above it. The building has very solid concrete floors. Sanity well intact. Also can’t wait for 234 to finish!!