Tea Dealers & Ceramics coming to Hudson and Harrison

N. caught the handmade sign: Tea Dealers & Ceramics, a tea retailer out of Alphabet City, has taken a space at 90 Hudson, on the south side of the building closer to Worth. It looks incredibly cool — truly something new and different. AND there’s a big Tribeca connection through three local restaurants and coffee shops.

I heard back from owner and tea master Stefen Ramirez almost immediately: “Yes, we (my wife and I) will be opening at 90 Hudson and Harrison sometime in July after the completion of construction. For the opening, we will retail our single-origin, non-flavored teas and handmade ceramics. We plan to expand to classes, tea ceremonies, and exhibitions featuring our producers later in the year.

“This new location at 1750 square feet offers us the space to grow our business for the next ten years. Our teas are available for enjoyment at our friends and wholesale partners, Interlude, Jungsik and Chambers. We are very excited to be part of this neighborhood after seven years in the East Village and hope to bring some respite from the everyday hustle of the city in our calm space with extraordinary teas and exquisite ceramics found only in very few places in the world.”

The company was founded in 2015 by Shin Won Yoon, a Korean artist and designer known for crafting one-of-a-kind vessels and teaware (that’s one of her vases above), and Ramirez, a professional tea specialist and traditional tea ceremony practitioner of the Urasenke school (one of the main schools of Japanese tea ceremony) with more than 15 years’ experience in owning and managing retail stores and restaurants.

The pair sources premium teas from small farmers in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India — “a unique and luxurious selection.” And they sell teaware of all sorts: stoneware, porcelain, copper, iron, glass, bamboo. They also offer public and private tastings, presentations, event collaborations and pairings. They also help restaurants build tea programs.

Stefen noted that while they did at one time operate a teahouse with food, that will not be the business model here. And he added that 90 Hudson has been divided into three spaces; currently, only the middle one is vacant. More on that corner space — the former Portfolio School — TK.

The East Village store is at 29 Avenue B, if you want a sneak peek.



  1. You could do a little more research before you post. Check the articles on EV Grieve about this place.

    • Had a look at EV Grieve and seems like a great idea and store. I am sorry for the East Village but the nature of NYC is places move through the city as things change in their founders business and personal lives. Reading why they are moving here as residents we can understand that. If you want hustle on your door step the East Village is hard to beat, it’s truly fantastic. If you want a calmer but still the city vibe then Tribeca is pretty special. Both the East Village and Tribeca are great and have a terrific sense of community as shown by EV Grieve and the Tribeca Citizen. I look forward to welcoming, frequenting and supporting Tea Dealers and Ceramics as they start their next chapter of their business and lives. And for someone new moving into the East Village wherever they come from.

    • Peter, why so snarky? If you have something to add, why not just add it or share the link?

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful article. We are very excited for the addition to the neighborhood. You’re the best ! ! !

  3. Looking forward to welcoming our new neighbors!