Man slashed at Bogardus Plaza

Police report that a man slashed and cut a 27-year-old man in front of 1 Hudson last night, at 11:10 p.m., causing a laceration to his face.

The victim was taken to Bellevue and is now in stable condition.

Police said the suspect was between 30 and 40 years old, medium build, wearing a gray hoodie and a black baseball cap. He fled eastbound on Chambers. There are no arrests and the investigation remains ongoing.



  1. Keep voting for democrats kids …your home values will be soon worth as much as Detroit

  2. You missed the “dark complexion” part that was reported in the news. I wonder why?

  3. Just to clarify. Unfortunately the man who was cut was one of the ACE workers who was putting away the tables and chairs. He asked a homeless man if a bag by the fence (where the tables and chairs are stacked at night) belonged to him. The man, who appeared intoxicated, got angry and attacked. In the scuffle the ACE employee got cut. It was not a knife but likely a sharp ring according to the information we were given. The ACE worker had to get stitches but is otherwise ok. We have worked with the ACE men and women for over 10 years. Their job is not easy and they deserve the utmost respect and gratitude from all of us.

  4. Wonder if the assailant was homeless. Despite the neighborhood’s reputation for wealth, the public areas are sometimes occupied by people clearly lacking shelter. I worked in the neighborhood for almost 20 years, and seeing homeless people was common enough to the point where I considered it a non-event.

  5. Sarah you are 100% correct. Too many stories recently of deranged individuals assaulting innocent individuals at all hours of the day. Women getting punched and threatened on Greenwich st by Target and Whole Foods. Mentally ill individuals walking out with armloads of stolen goods constantly from Target with no fear of being stopped or jailed. Yet we continue to vote for the democrats. Not me. I’m done and hopefully we can save our city before it becomes like L.A.

  6. sadly bail reform laws have to change. Lots of criminal’s commit the same crimes over and over. Also illegals committing crimes. All true. Our city isn’t safe at all, even here in Tribeca. Laws need to change to put criminals back in jail. Also, mentally ill need facilities they don’t need to be out on the street. Close the illegal POT Stores that are selling poising to our kids and grownup.

  7. And again…. Democrats have ruined another city.

  8. When we moved to Tribeca in the late ’70s, the First Precinct had the lowest crime against individuals in all five boroughs. It was one of the many things that attracted us to the neighborhood. Where does the First Precinct rank now?

  9. Always funny to watch the Trumpist idiots who fantasize that homelessness and mental illness can be cured by MOOOOORE police and BIGGGEER jails.

    Fun facts, folks:

    – The NYPD has the largest budget of any police department in the United States, over $10.8 billion!
    – The NYPD is the seventh biggest army in the world.
    – The NYPD has over 36,300 uniformed officers.
    – NYPD officers are some of the highest-paid cops in the country.

    We literally don’t have jail space for all the homeless and mentally ill people, so I guess we’ll need to build even more of those too!

    • J, no need for getting pollical and name call people. Your comment should not even be on here. Truth is everyone wants safer streets. NYPD can’t do their job when they let out criminals out without bail. Everyone knows that. People who are running this city are not Trumpist.

      • No, not everyone knows that.

        Bail reform does not allow for suspects of violent crimes to be released without bail, it is only for so-called non-qualifying offenses (like shoplifting). It has also been significantly weakened over the years due to the proliferation of scare mongering.

        The NYPD has an entire propaganda department to sell us lies about bail reform, and our media eats it up because they report what the cops say as gospel, as if they don’t have their own agenda that a proper journalist should interrogate and question.

        Opponents of bail reform also never talk about the massive benefits of reform, both in the macro and the micro. Keeping people accused of minor crimes out of jail so they can continue their lives (and their jobs!) is a net benefit to all.

        It’s also important to note that these are just people who are accused of something, not convicted.

        We need to stop using the justice system to destroy peoples’ lives.

        It’s not difficult to support bail reform and safe streets because they are not mutually exclusive. It just takes the ability to look past agenda-driven narratives and the actuality of the situation, and an attempt to balance costs and benefits.

    • “– The NYPD has the largest budget of any police department in the United States, over $10.8 billion!”

      Well, we might expect it to be the largest in the USA, since NYC is the largest city in the USA (over double the population of the next largest, L.A.).

      “– The NYPD is the seventh biggest army in the world.”

      Apparently Mayor Bloomberg made this claim at one point, but it seems to be hyperbole. “The 7th largest army globally would actually be Vietnam with 321,000 soldiers, compared to 33,000 or so in the NYPD.”

      “– NYPD officers are some of the highest-paid cops in the country.”

      I don’t know what to make of that, but NYC cost of living is among the highest in the country, so maybe that’s the rationale.

    • Hi J,
      I am baffled that there’d be a comment assuming that anyone concerned about crime is a Trump fan – ” the Trumpist idiots who fantasize that homelessness and mental illness can be cured…”

      There are obviously a range of opinions on the issue of crime and criminal justice and I suspect (no pun intended) that you know that……

      I work in the “social services” sector – there is much more crime and recidivism than many of us realize. Many sad cases that you would not hear about…for example an elderly couple whose adult child was a long-time drug addict and homeless and had been terrorizing them and the neighborhood for years.

      No one should be locked up in an inhumane facility. People should be getting the mental health and rehab services they need among other things.

      But it is evident that some people must be in jail to 1) protect the community and 2) to ensure they receive necessary mental health and rehab.

      • Thank you, Lisa!! It’s a criminals New York now. Citizens are victimized over and over again until the criminal either punches, stabs or throws the person on the train tracks or even kills someone. You commit a crime or shoplift you need to pay the price, and that jail. Sorry. Even the migrants are out of control commiting crimes all over this city. They come in and we take care of them with housing, medical etc and they rob and assault. I am not saying every single person but a large percentage of them. Its very sad.

  10. Wow the NYPost trolls have finally found TC. Good luck keeping them off of here. The comment section is worthless now.

    • Cd I guess we don’t live in a free country anymore. Really, with your comment. People like you who are destroying this country.
      We live in a free country; all have our own opinions. Thats why its America.

  11. I agree with Cd: too bad about the trolls. In the meantime (for all the trolls) I wonder which president removed federal funding for mental health clinics which created multiple closings and kicked many patients onto the streets? That most popular Republican of all – Ronald Reagan.

  12. Show the top part of the email shows how Bogardus Park is lovely and relaxing. Scroll down even farther where it says man slashed in the face in Bogardus park.
    That certainly burying the lead.