Vornado has converted two buildings on Lispenard

Vornado Realty Trust has converted two rentals on Lispenard — 37 and 57 — creating eight full-floor loft condos now called the Lispenard Collection on the northside of the block between Church and Broadway. The developments sort of cement the conversion of that wedge of Tribeca: the actual triangle that first inspired the Triangle Below Canal. It’s notable.

I will do an “Anatomy of the Block” soon, and parse out what else is going on here — and there’s lots, as in new galleries, showrooms, construction — but in the meantime, the two buildings were market-rate rentals, both with Canal Street addresses:

  • 57 Lispenard, aka 304-306 Canal, the bigger of the red-and-white Pearl Paint buildings, was purchased in 2014 by an LLC for $16.4 million; two stories were added a couple years later; Vornado is on the deed as of last fall.
  • 37 Lispenard, aka 334 Canal, was purchased by Vornado in 2011 for $8.2 million.

The entire block is firmly in the Tribeca East Historic District, so the views north are excellent over the brick rowhouses of Canal, and south you get some classic Tribeca facades — I had never really looked up on Lispenard before. I toured #37, which was built in 1883, with local agent Danny Davis. (Read Tom Miller’s entertaining history on the building here, which includes all sorts of sagas.) John Snook designed 57 Lispenard; it was built in 1861.

Danny Davis’ Corcoran team is selling the units, along with Joe Pellegrino and Nick Helmuth also with The Corcoran Group.

The interior spaces are really beautiful and very fabric-of-the-city urban — the ridiculously high ceilings (some reaching 13 feet) remain of course, along with exposed brick and new giant double hung windows. Each floor at #37 is around 2700 square feet. 57 Lispenard is also really wide: 37 feet, according to the Landmarks designation report, with floors that are each around 2200 square feet. Both buildings have cast iron bases.

More soon on the rest of the block including the smaller Pearl Paint building at 308 Canal, or 55 Lispenard. That building was sold in 2014 for $5.6 million, and the longtime art retailer closed.



  1. Respectfully, my understanding of TRIangle BElow CAnal, since moving here in 1977, is the shape defined by West, Canal, Chambers, and Broadway. I could be wrong, of course, but that is what we all understood in those days.

    • I’m going to correct myself, and apologize to TC. Per Wikipedia: “The name “Tribeca” was coined in the early 1970s and originally applied to the narrower area bounded by Broadway and Canal, Lispenard, and Church Streets, which appears to be a triangle on city planning maps.” The paragraph goes on to say that shortly thereafter the city administration established the boundaries I cited (down to Warren, not Chambers). The source may be apocryphal, but TC was right!