Trump van ends its tour with a crash on Staten Island

For those of you who were lucky enough to catch the Trump propaganda (my favorite image was Trump as Rambo) van last week when it was parked in front of Whole Foods — many sent me pictures, and thanks for that — there’s a coda to the story.

J. sent a Twitter post of the first news of a crash on Staten Island on Sunday — video below; and the Staten Island Advance filled in the rest.

Turns out the owners of the van, Donna Eiden and Rocky Granata, actually live in it — staunch supporters of the former president, they spend their days travelling with their cat, visiting rallies and selling merch. “That’s our life, we live in it; we travel in it. I have my daughter’s ashes in it,” Eiden told the Advance. “It’s our business. It’s our life.”

The crash took place at the intersection of Hylan Boulevard and Reid Avenue around 1 p.m. on Sunday; the passenger side was crushed.

From The Advance: “As a result of the crash, Reid was littered with pro-Trump signage, a street sign, and the display showing gas prices at the BP located on the corner, all of which was mowed down.”

The owners plan to buy a new van and start all over. They were, they said, fully insured.



  1. Watch your tone. How smug and inconsiderate to gloat about this news. Typical tactless Tribeca hedge fund wife.

    Hunter Biden’s laptop wasn’t real.

    • I don’t think it is necessary to be so personal. Also, I’m not sure if you actually saw the Trump van but clearly these people trying to provoke a response. Frankly the van didn’t look fit to be on the road with covered windows, old tires etc… so its not surprising it crashed.

  2. I’m concerned about the type of news being shared here. Coupled with your homophobic focus on two women kissing in the ad post, I’m really questioning the kind of information you’re promoting. I think you’ve lost sight of the original purpose that brings most of us to this site

  3. Great article, thanks for taking the time to write it.
    I very much appreciate all that you do for our community.
    Please keep doing what you do, I love it.

  4. please stop with your politics and one sided agenda. I read Tribeca Citizen for NEWS AND NEWS ALONE. Its very disturbing.

  5. News flash for those offended by editorial content: rather than cry, you can JUST STOP READING!