Corner of Reade and Greenwich getting rehabbed

W. got some good photo documentation on the work being done at Reade and Greenwich — on both the corner, smaller building, and the cavernous space that was Salaam Bombay.

The corner building, 315 Greenwich, was sold in 2022 for $8.225 million. The Zillow listing called it a nine-bedroom, but it looks like it is actually four apartments with a pop-up on the roof, plus the retail space on the ground floor and lower level. (I vaguely remember a bubble tea place there, and a nail salon before that…)

The Salaam Bombay space, 317 Greenwich, has had signage up for Upon The Palace since February, but nothing has popped up on the CB1 agendas for a liquor license. Salaam Bombay closed at the start of the pandemic after 26 years in that space, and by July 2020 it was being demolished inside and the facade was being restored.

The first record I have of that space is Fortune Star Chinese Restaurant, thanks to the artist Jane Freeman’s miniature “portrait” from 1993. (One family has owned the building since 1970.)



  1. The Judge I worked for loved Salaam Bombay. I hated it. So every time he took our coworkers to Salaam Bombay for lunch, he would apologize to me, knowing I would never go with them. This went on for the entire 26 years the restaurant was there. It became a running joke with us. Now he’s gone, the restaurant is gone, and I’m retired. But the memory lives on!

  2. Fortune Star… now that’s going back a ways, when we actually had 3 affordable Chinese restaurants on Greenwich Street.