Nosy Neighbor: Any info on the water feature in Teardrop Park?

Battery Park City Authority

M. wrote: “I’d be interested if you have any information on the water feature in Teardrop Park in Battery Park City. It seems to be under construction but I don’t know the timeline or status. I saw your piece on the Pier 25 water feature and would love to hear a similar update on Teardrop.”

Water water everywhere and not a drop to play in! The water feature at Teardrop Park is indeed under construction and is scheduled to be completed by the end of June.

From the BPCA blog (and I confirmed with Nick Sbordone):”The surface of the water feature and wooden decking of the adjacent overlook platform have worn down. As a result, BPCA is now working to replace the waterproof surface and install Ipe (also known as Brazilian Walnut) wooden decking on the platform.”

And more about Teardrop Park since we are here: The park is 1.8 acres and was opened in 2009. Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, which also did the Chelsea section of Hudson River Park, the park includes that crazy bluestone ice wall, the giant slide, the sand area and quieter areas around a sloping lawn.

Battery Park City Authority



  1. Excited for it to open back up! Thank you for the update.

  2. Are there plans for a rubber mat or something grippy on that deck? I think every kid who’s played there (including mine) has slipped and fallen on their tush.