A young kids fitness center is coming to Hubert

M. spotted the sign: My Gym, a global franchise of fitness centers for kids under age 9, has taken a corner at Hubert and Greenwich, the former Flywheel space that closed during the pandemic. She said work has been going on there for a couple of weeks. They are aiming to open on Sept. 3.

My Gym was founded 40 years ago in California and they now have 700+ locations worldwide. The programs combine sports, dance, early childhood development, kinesiology and gymnastics.

Kids (or rather their parents) pay for a lifetime family membership that allows them to enroll in classes as well as receive discounts on birthday parties, camps and events. Then students pay tuition for classes such as “Ultimate Ninja,” high energy games and team building exercises for the older kids, and “Gymsters,” basic tumbling for the under-2 set, that run once a week for four weeks for $289. That also allows kids to drop in for “Practice & Play” sessions.

Parent participation is required for the youngest ages; independent classes start at age 3-1/2.

More soon when they open.