Noted falafel restaurant coming to Greenwich and Laight

A noted felafel restaurant out of Brooklyn — Pete Wells added it to his 100 Best Restaurants in NYC list in 2023 and 2024 — is coming to 415 Greenwich at Laight, in what looks like a split of the Juice Press space. Thanks to L. and A. for the pics.

Falafel Tanami is out of Midwood, Brooklyn, and so they are a long way from home here. They offer several different platters with felafel or sabich (fried eggplant), all homemade and all kosher. (Juice Press is also kosher, so the location and the division of the space is starting to make some sense.) And this really is a small operation, so this must be a big move to branch out. NY Jewish Week describes its transformation post-Wells here:

“What happens when the country’s premier newspaper names a hole-in-the-wall kosher falafel joint as one of the 100 best restaurants in New York? Hundreds of people show up every day, creating lines that occasionally snake out the door. News stations from across the globe ask for interviews, catering requests come in from all over the city and, of course, the falafel often sells out before closing time.”

Jewish Week describes the restaurant as a “tiny Israeli-owned falafel place just a few blocks off the Avenue M stop on the Q train,” a “humble eatery featuring just three counter stools, a quiet soundtrack of Israeli religious pop and photos of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson adorning the walls.”

Wells described the felafel as extraordinary with “thick cushions of pita, baked to order.”

A lot to look forward to!

Also will be added to the Tribeca Pronunciation Guide. In this case it is tan-nah-my, kind of like Panama or Lorelei.

Juice Press opened on Greenwich (and later on Murray) in 2014, and at the time we were their 16th location. They now have what looks like more than 50 between Manhattan and Brooklyn.



  1. No wonder they’ve cordoned off that back section of Juice Press…

  2. This is super exciting. Thanks so much for the article.

  3. Probably the best news I have heard rhis month. Cannot wait for wonderful falafel.

  4. Best news! We are excited!!

  5. Felafel or falafel, that is the question?

    • Since it’s phonetic, either works — but you are right to correct me on the name of this particular establishment. Just updated.