Nosy Neighbor: Who do we call to get the wooden structures on the street removed?

Mr. Burns commented on this story, noting that the defunct construction site diagonally across the street — 65 West Broadway — has had sidewalk issues for years: “Question – now that the developer is bust, who do we call to get the wooden structures on the street removed? They serve no purpose, block the sidewalk, accumulate trash, and attract rats.”

These things have also bugged me — I know there are more in the neighborhood, so send me other pics if you have them — especially since the sidewalk is already compromised by the construction shed, which encroaches out onto it even though there are now six-foot tall weeds on that lot. I checked with the Department of Transportation last November, who told me to check with the MTA, which wasn’t successful until this recent try, where they replied almost immediately:

“The concrete is damaged and the area has been closed off to protect pedestrians. The area was cleaned today and will have regular cleanings until the repairs are made,” the MTA press representative told me last week. And when I asked for a schedule, she said the wooden barricades were estimated to be removed by the end of year.

But lo and behold just two days later: a much better solution, both for ease of use of the sidewalk and garbage.

And now back to my primary pet peeve, the blocking of sidewalks by dead construction projects…



  1. This is great. This structure has long bothered me because of the issues you raised, but I, for some reason, always thought this was one of those grates that had become dangerous because of the potential of electric shock. I thought I heard stories of dogs being shocked at this location, but could be wrong. Glad they solutioned it quickly.

    Thank you

  2. “Think global, act local.”

    Thanks, Pam!

  3. Speaking of wooden structures- Do you know why Citibank on W. Bdwy and Duane has two huge wooden boxes on both sides of the entrance doorway that went up shortly after they opened? The message on the boxes asks for us to please pardon their appearance- renovations but it has been years now without any visible changes or ongoing construction. Thank you!

  4. I have tried several times on this one. Citi is just a tenant and they told me they (both the branch and corporate) do not know. I have tried folks I know who live in the condo, but they do not control the space. I have tried the building’s manager. There is nothing on the DOB website for work, and I have tried the DOB. No one has an answer!