Catching Up with New Kids: Osteria Carlina

So first: happy hour. There are a few spots in the neighborhood where I just love the Tribeca view out the window — it gives me the warm fuzzies: the Paros bar, Puffy’s, Edward’s, and definitely add Osteria Carlina. That bar at 5p on a summer evening can’t be beat. And my pal and I enjoyed the wine selections so much that we both took pictures of the labels for future reference. We had the charcuterie board and two glasses, and that was a great start (and in my case, end) to the evening.

I hate to admit that I am just catching up to Carlina — they opened a year ago in the old Girello space, just next to Walker’s. Don’t read into my lag — things have been busy! It is totally worth a visit.

When I went for dinner, six of us devoured several plates. I would go back for the scallops, which had a cherry hazelnut sauce that I wish you could take home in a jar. The tuna crudi was marinated in grapefruit juice — about as summer-refreshing as you get. We loved the Salad Carlina, with fennel, spinach and shrimp. Of course there are the pastas, and once you have the lobster ravioli it’s hard to go back. NB the prices: mains are $40 and up; pastas are $24 to $30; appetizers $25 to $29. Also NB: my pictures did not do the food justice.

Overall, attentive and casual service, great vibe, lively scene — it is not quiet, so go early if you want mellow. Both nights I have been there, they’ve had a full house.

Osteria Carlina Tribeca is part of a group of three here in the city: Osteria Carlina West Village opened in 2021; the group opened Bar Mario in Red Hook in January 2023; and it looks like there’s a brand new Carlina in Alassio, Italy.

The restaurants are run by husband and wife team Moreno Cerutti and Christina Andres-Cerutti — Moreno came from two decades of experience in hospitality in Turin, Italy, and then another seven years experience in the city with a restaurant in Soho. The name is a nod to the Piazza Carlina in Turin, which locals simply call Carlina.

“Moreno and I dreamed about owning/running our own place together,” Christina told me when they first took the lease in May 2022. “We have been fortunate to have received a wonderful response so far. Osteria Carlina Tribeca is the addition to our little family. :) It is our dream and we are just so overjoyed it is coming to fruition.”

Osteria Carlina Tribeca
11 Varick | N. Moore & Franklin
Monday to Sunday: 4:30 to 10:30p (reservations)
646-559-5137 / 646-370-4929
Reservation by text or WhatsApp: 929-319-6112



  1. They really need to bring the Milanese and the Ossobuco from the west village to Tribeca
    2 of the best around

  2. Thanks for this. New restaurants are great for the neighborhood and everything, but when will we (finally) get a migrant shelter?

    • Yes, and how about a few methadone clinics, homeless shelters, and marijuana smoke shops. This neighborhood is way too nice. We need to fix that.

    • I truly don’t even understand comments like this. This is a nice piece about a nice place to eat, and this is where your mind goes?

      What do you have against people who are trying to make a better life for themselves, anyway? If you wouldn’t do the same, it says more about you than anything else.

  3. This looks great! Thanks for sharing