A midsummer day at Rockefeller

I was just going to run one of these photos by commercial and editorial photographer Claudine Williams in “Seen & Heard,” but they were so fun and so good that you are getting this visual treat of a photo essay. 

This is the annual Swedish Midsummer Festival held every year in Battery Park City. For ages it was at Wagner, but since that is still under construction, the party was moved to Rockefeller. Put it on your calendar for next year.



  1. Claudine is such a fantastic photographer!

  2. Juneteenth came and went without a photoessay of all the rich celebrations in Tribeca. Not very inclusive.

    • I have to agree here. Barely a mention.. And the park looked really bad after the Midsummer festival. Two days after and there was still a lot of trash on the main lawn and misplaced furniture.
      Not every celebration needs a photoessay, but a mention and a picture would’ve been nice and inclusive.

    • Steve C, can you share a link to any of the celebrations? I assume they were planned in advance and had a site or instagram post. I hadn’t seen anything at all from organizers.


      Also don’t understand the tit for tat mentality here after the fact.

  3. The park looked like a dump the next day. It can get bad at times in the summer due to all the people who use it but this was truly the worse I have ever seen it.