Sarabeth’s will close tonight

Sarabeth’s, the 43-year-old local chain that has had an outpost here on Greenwich and Jay for 13 years, will close today. They are open now for service, but these are the last hours. Thanks to A. and H. who spotted the news this morning; I spoke to the host who said today was the day. It’s a loss of a neighborhood staple and I really hope the landlord has immediate plans for such a prominent space.

The company’s website says that they lost their lease. They took it originally in 2009, according to the deed from when the commercial condo was sold by the Bazzinis in 2017 to an LLC called Umbra Holdings. If I am reading city records correctly, the condo, which is actually 21 Jay, was sold for $11.7 million.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of Sarabeth’s Tribeca,” the note on the restaurant said. “Due to the loss of our lease, we must bid farewell to our beloved location after 13 wonderful years. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to our loyal customers and the amazing Tribeca community. Your patronage and support have meant the world to us. Thank you for the cherished memories and for being a part of our journey.”

They also announced that they will be opening a new location this fall in the Village, I believe on Houston.

Sarabeth Levine, who started the business with her then-future husband, Bill, set up the restaurant herself in August 2011; two days before opening, she was buzzing around and making last-minute decisions about flower arrangements and menus.

“We started in 1981,” she told TC at the time, “so we’re celebrating 30 years this fall. But this is by far the biggest renovation we’ve ever done.”

“Each of our restaurants is a little different, with a different customer,” she went on to say. “We’re a neighborhood restaurant. We used to have a slogan: If Sarabeth’s were your mother, you’d come home every night. That’s how I want it to be!”

I liked the Tribeca location for its ample bar; though my favorite memories are from my twenties, when my now-husband and I would walk through Central Park from the East 90s to the Upper Westside location, bring the paper and read it on the restaurant’s basement bulkhead doors while we waited for a table. Sigh.

Bill died in 2021 at the age of 89 after a series of strokes; Sarabeth is now 80 and still baking. (The Times has a lovely feature on the couple from 2014.) The company has four restaurants in the city, as well as another dozen across the globe: Japan, Taiwan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Qatar.



  1. I will miss their very reliable chicken pot pie.. Although, a bit of chain, it’s still a big loss for the neighborhood and Greenwich Street. Hopefully they’re able to find a replacement (and not price gouge them on rent..)

  2. I hear Busters Garage will use the opportunity to return to Tribeca and take over the space!

  3. Do you know if the NEW location for Sarabeth’s would be the Corner of West Broadway & Houston (the OLD Dos Caminos) space?

  4. Maybe How’s Bayou will come back

  5. Viet-Cafe and now Sarabeth’s, and the Cafe Chanson — that’s a lot of emptiness on lovely Greenwich. Well, soon, we will have the 900-foot tower.

  6. Riverrun! Though it will have to cover the windows to give it the same vibe. Dreaming of the potato crusted salmon….followed by the mud pie.

  7. My dog and I will miss the alfresco dining. And that seafood Cobb salad