New Kid on the Block: Action Black

Action Black, the membership-model fitness chain out of Colombia with about 11 locations there, opened officially on June 22 on two floors on Franklin, between Hudson and Varick.

The space is divided up into five rooms, each with their own focus and equipment. The idea is you can rotate from room to room each day for the full body workout. And there are tons of classes: the gym is open from 6a to 9p, and once they are up and running there will be 600 classes each week.

They call their classes semi-personalized, since there is always a coach leading the classes. And members can also work out on their own any time in the room they call the “garage.” The other rooms are named Savage (a high intensity interval training method, with a mix of running and weight Training); Jabox (combining bodybuilding exercises with boxing using a boxing bag and a probox); Tonic Muscle Lab (free weights with immersive music); Giro (strength and endurance training in high intensity intervals on stationary bikes); and Solido (glutes abd abs training).

Each class is one hour. Memberships are on sale now for the first month; eventually the rate is $299 a month. There’s a bar in the front; turns out they serve wine on Fridays.

Action Black took the space on Franklin last summer and at that time they had no other US locations and no English-language website. Now they have locations in pre-sale in Fidi, Williamsburg and the Flatiron, as well one gym in Miami.

Say hi to Manuela, the manager, if you stop on. She’s been rbought up from Colombia for three years to set these up.

Action Black
152 Franklin | Hudson & Varick