Olive’s coming to Greenwich and Hubert

M. and her pals did my work for me: it looks like an outpost of Olive’s, the favorite take-away spot that has been on Prince Street since 1992, is coming to the old Sweetgreen space on Greenwich and Hubert, across from Citi HQ. The beer & wine license application sign is posted on 443 Greenwich now (though CB1 has yet to post its own July agendas…).

M. looked up the LLC, saw it was incorporated in March 2024 at an address in Southampton, then looked up the property records out east and saw that the address is owned by Toni Allocca and Nick Hartman, the owners of Olive’s. “This one would be different in that it serves wine/beer/cider and would be very welcome in the neighborhood!!” she wrote.

Grub Street did a feature on the pair in 2016, where they noted that in 1992, it wasn’t easy to find a salad in a box. “Home-cooked chicken. Fresh-baked cookies. You really couldn’t get simple, clean, fresh food to go back then, Allocca told Grub Sreet. “Not much about Olive’s has changed during that time: The menu is comprised of 70 percent of the original sandwiches, soups, and salads; the shop still attracts creative types (David Bowie was a regular); and Allocca, as well as her family, still work there every day.”

(It’s actually a great story about small businesses, and why some work and others don’t. In short, the owner has to work the store!) “If there’s even ten of Olive’s, it’s not the same experience,” Hartman told Grub Street. “You’re not going to get to know us, or see my daughter in the store.”

Still, they opened at Hudson Eats in Brookfield in 2014 (where if I am correct, they do have some beers on tap); they moved the original to a new location in 2016. And now Tribeca. More TK when I listen in on the CB1 meeting.



  1. Amazing news!! Welcome to the neighborhood!

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